Qualified Sales Leads IconIf you’re looking to generate a consistent flow of qualified sales leads, the best solution is to turn your website into a lead capture magnet.

The goal is to provide helpful information and be remembered by your customer prospects as the one who did the best job in helping them work through all the stages of their purchase process.

Here’s what we add to your website in order to generate qualified sales leads.

We add Calls to Action to each of your blog posts and on each of your key web pages to alert your prospects to another resource they may find helpful if they “click here”. That click takes them to a landing page which describes the benefits they will receive by downloading and reading this helpful information resource.

We put a form on each of these landing pages where your prospects have to provide at least their first name and email address. Now you have someone to follow up with.

You do that follow up via cleverly crafted email messages that don’t try to sell, but rather continue to be helpful in nurturing prospects through to the next stage of their buying process by suggesting more helpful information to download.

This is Inbound Marketing lead generation best practice. And, we’re HubSpot-certified Inbound Marketing specialists.

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