Responsive Website IconWhen it comes time to create your new website, it’s important to understand that making the pages look “pretty” or “professional” is only half the battle.

You also have to make sure each page has a good chance of being found organically in online searches by your customer prospects.

That means your web pages have to be created from scratch with the keywords that people are likely to be searching in mind. The content that goes on each one of those pages needs to be relevant to those keyword phrases.

People do their searching now anywhere at anytime. If a problem is keeping them awake at night, they turn on their computer and start to Google. If they are sitting in Starbucks for a coffee break, they use their phone or tablet to keep on searching.

That means your website needs to be easy to read and navigate on any kind of device –computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone. It needs to be a “responsive” design, so it automatically resizes to provide an optimal viewing experience depending on the size of the device being used.

This website is a responsive design. We can make one for you too.

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