Social Media IconAfter you’ve created a great library of content to help your prospects make more informed buying decisions (hopefully in your favour), you’ll want to let the world know about it.

A great way to do this is to promote that content via social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and YouTube.

First you need to target the people on each platform that will most likely be interested in the solutions you can offer them and motivate them to become followers. There is no point in having 1,000 twitter followers, if none of them will ever have need for your services.

Then you need to have relevant engagement with your target personas. You need them to take action, either by clicking on a link to view your featured content, or leaving a comment, or responding to a message, or sharing with a friend. And, you need to be acknowledging their engagement in return in order to help build “like and trust”.

How do you find the right followers? How often do you need to post? What platforms are the best for your brand?

Don’t worry, we’re here to help you with that.

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